To bee or not to be.


Beekeeping needed to evolve.


Our mission:

To help beekeepers pollinate and produce honey by saving their bees, utilizing modern technology.


Who We Are


Saar Safra


Eliyah Radzyner

Product •

Hallel Schreier

Operations •

Boaz Petersil

A.I. •

Yossi Sorin

Hardware •


Our Pledge


We strive to build an Optimal environment for bees.

Whether it be through climate & humidity control, transportability considerations, or even real-time video monitoring, we make sure that the bee is the focus of our device. We've designed a safe, natural and productive environment allowing bees a healthier and more natural way of living. We must never forget that the traditional hives most commonly used in the world today (Langstroth box) were designed by us, humans, about 150 years ago. Most people are so used to them that we mistakenly confuse them with bees' natural habitat. That is far from being the case. By completely redesigning the beehive we were able to address a lot of the inefficiencies of the commonly used hives and significantly improve bees’ well-being and life longevity. For us, bees come first; our customers come second; and then all the rest.


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