Earth’s first autonomous beehive is here.


Beehome is a device that houses up to 40 colonies and takes care of the upkeep of bees without human intervention


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Beehives built for today.


We completely redesigned the beehive with today’s technology.


Climate & Humidity control

Beehomes control the elements within the hive. Never worry about it being too hot or too cold for your bees. Humidity within the hive is an issue of the past; through efficient climate & humidity control, we optimize the climate so bees don't have to.


Pest Control

Beehomes don't let Varroa overstay their welcome. They constantly monitor pests within the hive and apply pesticides where needed in real-time. The result is a significant reduction in infection, infestation and annual colony loss — as well as a reduction in the amount of pesticides being used.


Autonomous swarm prevention

Beehomes use A.I. to identify when a colony could be preparing to swarm, and automatically prevents this event by adjusting conditions. Beekeepers can rest assured that the Beehome has their colonies stay put while they focus on other responsibilities.


Automated harvesting

Beehomes detect frames that are ready to be harvested, and harvests them within the Beehome. Once a container of honey reaches capacity (100 gallons), we alert you to come and empty it — making the process clean and efficient.


Real-time Problem alerts

Beehomes keep a close eye on the upkeep of your hives. They automatically and autonomously handle most issues associated with supporting colonies. However, if problems arise that require attention, Beehome provides alerts in real-time so you can intervene.


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Next, let the magic happen.


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